Celestine Keise

life change through coaching

If you seek meaning from your life, want to gain more control and wish to start flourishing, The Right Coaching Company can help you.

There are many life coaching companies out there, but The Right Coaching Company is different:

You have already taken the first step towards achieving your goals by visiting our website. The next step is to speak us now to see how, through collaboration, we can provide you with a powerful set of tools to address the challenges you want to tackle. Our life coaching will address any number of issues, including:

Celestine Keise is the founder and lead coach of the Right Coaching Company. 

“I feel privileged to have seen first-hand the enormous benefits that clients have gained from the coaching process. I believe that every person should have the confidence to develop their own personal and professional lives – a confidence that I am deeply committed to helping foster through life coaching.”

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