About us

The Right Coaching Company is based in North London and works with clients across the capital and further afield. Distance is no barrier as coaching sessions can take place equally well face to face or on the phone.  Clients have been coached successfully by phone in Europe and in the USA.

The lead coach and founder of The Right Coaching Company is Celestine Keise.

Celestine began her career in education as a teacher of modern languages, and after gaining a masters degree in education, specialised in equal opportunities and social inclusion.

Before training as a life coach, Celestine was the Advisor for Equal Opportunities and Social Inclusion for Islington local education authority. During this time she developed policies for social inclusion, race and gender equality and on bullying and harassment in the workplace and in schools, which proved invaluable experience for her coaching career. Celestine has since been able to make a lasting practical impact on the lives of many people facing challenging (and often emotional) life issues .

Celestine’s published work includes articles on various social issues and a book on how to deal with bullying in schools. She is a skilled linguist (English, French and Italian) and is experienced in working with clients from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Many of Celestine’s coaching clients whose first language is not English find that her specialist language skills faciltate an easier coaching process, and can actually help improve their own English, increasing their confidence in speaking English to others.

The Right Coaching Company works with associate members as and when necessary, selecting only those coaches who are best able to meet your needs. In this way we offer a bespoke rather than a ‘one size fits all’ service.

The Key benefits of receiving coaching from Celestine:

She has wide experience of dealing with situations that can involve high levels of emotional stress and strain. If you would like to speak to Celestine for a friendly, no obligation discussion about your life coaching requirements, simply contact us here.

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