Coaching in Education

If you are a head teacher, or in fact any other type of educational professional, Celestine can help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Educational institutions, due to constraints on time and budgets, often allocate insufficient resources to personal development – yet the pressure on educational professionals to deliver to an ever wider diversity of children just keeps increasing.

Celestine can therefore provide an alternative option to in-house channels for getting support, as these are often hard to access. With her experience as a schools inspector, social inclusion advisor, teacher and children’s charity worker, Celestine is uniquely positioned to offer expert coaching based on real experience of education, but without the internal politics of the school system. Celestine currently coaches staff at the Urban Academy, part of Kids Company Charity.

As an external coach, Celestine is positioned outside a school’s management system, and can be trusted as an impartial and unbiased problem solver.

She is governed by a strict code of confidence allowing you, the client, to speak completely freely and thus make quicker, more productive changes for the better.

If you are concerned that staff in your establishment feel that their voices are not being heard, or that important issues are slipping through the net, then by contacting an outside professional who knows the world in which you work, you can access the most effective solution.

The Right Coaching Company can offer head teachers and other educational professionals its standard one-to-one coaching programme, or a bespoke coaching package tailored to meet a client’s specific needs.

Please contact us for a no obligation initial consultation to find out how we can support you in dealing with any challenging personal and professional aspects of your career.

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