Yoga Teacher, North London

“My experience of life coaching with Celestine has been of huge benefit. My life was previously somewhat chaotic. I have had the potential for endless drains on my time and energy. She has helped me to get more focused and organized in my professional, social and family life.

…… The journey seems to be the most important thing and realizing that there is no end to it, just an on-going positive process of personal development.

…… I feel that an internal light has been switched on and my life has become much calmer, with more direction and focus.

…… I feel that my self-respect has increased enormously.

……  Most important of all, I have, over the years, suffered from asthma attacks. I have not needed my inhalers for the past few months, in fact, since I began my sessions with Celestine!

So overall, the benefits to my life have been profound but at the same time I still, on a daily basis, have to confront my own negativity, but feel I am not alone with the struggle!”

Project Worker – Kids Company Charity

“Coaching has provided me with perspective.  It made me face the hard questions that I tend to talk myself out of.

It has talked me into facing situations that I need to face.  Coaching has made me more proactive in my own life.  I do need to work on some things and I need someone to point out the contradictions.  The coaching environment provides that and I don’t feel attacked and that I have to be positive!”

Language Teacher, North Italy

“It had never occurred to me to consider Life Coaching, but I must say it has proved to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

…….  Celestine helped me to understand exactly what I wanted, and guided me so that I could face and deal with what had seemed such a daunting prospect.

……. She helped me find, or make, the time to do all this and gradually everything seemed easier and not so intimidating after all, despite all the hard work it involved.

…….. Celestine was always very kind, understanding, encouraging and supportive. I never felt judged or criticized, even when I wasn’t able to get through all my tasks. I never felt the need to be anything but completely honest with her.

…….. I am extremely happy with this experience. It has been a complete success and I did fully achieve my goal.

A complete success. Thank you.”

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