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Artist & Ceramicist, South London

“I benefited enormously from my Life Coaching sessions with Celestine.  I had just retired and was struggling with how I wanted to proceed in my work and home life after working hard for the last 30 years.

…..  All the work we did on values and beliefs made it easier for me to be open to other opportunities and to check out these against my values when they occurred. By the end of that year, I found I had been approached with several opportunities I had not anticipated and was able to embark on some free lance work which was tailored to my current interests.

……. Celestine helped me improve my budgeting to the point where I know what my income and outgoings are on a monthly basis and can charge for my work accordingly and even do something for less money than I really want on a good month.

…….  I think I have learnt to believe that things will turn up if you are open to them. I can live with uncertainty much more easily, which is something after a lifetime of steady paid work.

…….   The most important part of looking at my values was to revisit my first love – which was Art.  Although I have been doing ceramics for the last 12 years I had buried my desire to be a painter and would only do sketches on holiday

……. I have now dared to go back to where I left off, but as someone much older and wiser and more able to take risks and deal with uncertainty.

……… I sell my ceramics, but my Art is for my own personal development and it makes everything else flourish.”

Social Worker – Kids Company Charity

“It is through being coached that I have learnt to reflect on other ways of dealing with challenges.  Thus it has helped me to improve my practise and how I respond to situations of crisis.   I am now more reflective in my response.

Changing the habits of a life time has not been easy.  I now, however, have more discipline.  I no longer say yes to everything.  Celestine’s coaching has empowered me to do things I hadn’t thought of doing.   It has helped me to resolve some issues that I had with management.

Overall coaching is about empowerment. You know certain things but you didn’t know you could actually do it.  It makes you evaluate your daily activities and how you could do better.”

 Freelance Actor, North London

“Celestine inspired me to achieve goals in work and relationships.

When I first decided to go to Celestine for life coaching, I thought it would simply be an enjoyable way of assessing my life. In fact, there have been major developments as a result of it. I’m doing more work that interests me. I’m also socialising and networking a lot more. This too has expanded my work. I feel stronger now that I have taken the necessary steps to change my home life and relationship.

Celestine has given me structure and purpose. She was:-

–          Non judgemental regarding anything that I said to her

–          Excellent at reflecting back what I had said, clarifying it and interpreting it in her own, very accurate words

–          Highly organised at taking notes, helping me to put a timescale on things and on following them up

–          Able to understand my career, though not part of it, yet objective enough to assist me with new approaches

–          Inspiring, insightful and practical”

If any of these stories have inspired you to take action with your life, contact us here for a friendly chat about how we can help you too.

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